We’re a Team of DevOps Experts


Aldis Puisitis

Aldis is a CEO and a visionary with strong leadership skills. His job is to connect the right people to create working solutions to complex problems.


Arnis Lels

Arnis keeps tracking the business’s critical elements, ensuring that the new practice is compatible through the entire value stream, including legal, contracts, and client needs.


Karlis Broders

Architecting and leading the creation and improvement efforts of various software delivery Value Streams – automating, connecting, and making everything transparent from a business idea to a code running in production.


Dita Mukane

Dita coordinates office work to maintain all inside process realization at the highest level. She takes care of team members and the needs of clients as office and Quality manager.


Samanta Smirnova

Samanta’s hands on experience in large scale IT projects and acquired hard and soft team lead skills allow her to command precise activity execution on time both within internal teams and in cooperation with our clients and other parties involved.


Jolanta Markota

By listening to leaders, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and project team members, figure out how the actual work differs from established policy, procedures, and protocols and inspire others to do things differently.


Raitis Misa

Raitis strives in business process analysis and transforming business processes into comprehensive requirements allowing to implement business needs into quality software. Has experience developing large-scale systems for government and other public sector organizations.


Ricards Pinne

Richards is a data analyst. He collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses on large datasets. His job is to discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems.


Aigars Valdmanis

Aigars is a Full-stack developer with love in .NET C#. Eager to learn and implement better code solutions for each project’s needs.


Rudolfs Sviklis

Rudolfs ensures that the value stream will deliver the desired product in a fast and reliable way. He engineers the entire system of delivery, creates automation and strives to improve processes.