“Our goal was to build a modern-age solution that would serve the needs of our clients and counterparties. The start was rough though – we knew that there are no second chances and mistakes can be quite costly. We wanted to escape long-cycles of development and years of waiting and after discussing it with AA projekts, we have agreed on using SAFe approaches. So the crucial part of our success was determined before we even started. Just like with building a house – one has to make sure that the foundation is solid before building walls. Then you have to put elements of control to keep everyone accountable. That was exactly what happened and AA projekts introduced new systems that allowed us to oversee and test the product along the way. Having such a strong team working together made it possible for us to become one of the few organizations in the world with a completely digital solution for Construction parties.”

Uldis Jansons, Director of the Information System Department of the State Construction Control Bureau

The State Construction Control Bureau (SCCB) was established in 2014 and had its Building Information System (BIS) inherited from the Ministry of the Economics. It was the legacy they had to learn how to develop and manage to serve property owners and parties of the construction process across the Country.

BIS is the national importance system for managing all processes of construction – it covers an enormous amount of documents to flow through daily. The system contains 55 construction e-services and 16 eservices of the BIS registers.

Like with every system with too many manual processes involved, at the beginning of the BIS development things were far from being perfect – people had to face bureaucracy limitations as well as it was impossible to say at what stage your building permits are.

There were also gaps in tracking the quality of construction projects, which caused additional risks. Bold steps had to be taken to digitalize the front-end and the back-end of the head organization responsible for every construction projectin the Country

In 2017 top management of SCCB had goals to build a new-age system that would incorporate transparency and modern technologies to optimize the building process, remove redundant paperwork allowing people to use online system instead of visiting their local branches onsite.

We had determined the SAFe framework to be used to fulfill this vision without wasting resources. Working together with SCCB management and different software delivery teams, we agreed upon using Agile & DevOps and continuous delivery, which allowed us to focus on a roadmap and EPICs without wasting time on detailed planning (Waterfall approach).

Followed by the user requirement definition stage , we had our development process happening in close collaboration with the end-user, where we’ve applied SAFe approaches and constructs. It was huge since Agile, DevOps, and SAFe were unknown at that time.

We got lucky having this support from SCCB leaders, who proved themselves to be the top-level professionals ready to play a major role in the success of this project. It allowed us to deliver the Value in pieces over time, ensuring that all the sprints were on-track and to plan based on the real world results. We have connected teams from over 90 different organizations involved in system development.

Tasktop allowed us to connect more than 2000 experts and tools they’ve used in multiple Product Value Streams. Having Tasktop flow framework tools and other solutions working for our advantage made it possible to track the work invested by every counterparty. We could have field tested data after the second sprint already – it allowed us to see what we had to improve to speed-up the software delivery time. For example, we knew where to focus our additional resources to increase our feature capacity post-release.

Results speak of themselves – instead of wasting years using the old-fashioned waterfall approach, it took us eight short months to come up with a working product.

That’s the state-level project which changed the industry and is now used by tens of thousands of people. SCCB is now one of the few supervising authorities in the world capable of delivering such a level of service and we are proud of being a part of their success story.

BIS allows getting approval from everyone involved without any delays. It eliminates bureaucracy by introducing high level business solutions. SCCB is now focused on delivering more value through building new additional sub-systems around this core product. For example, they can automatically track all the architects and engineers involved in the construction, their work, and approvals, ensuring that the building is safe to use.

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