Custom Software Development

We use adopted Agile practices to develop software under conditions of extreme transparency.

  • Faster time-to-market. You will have access to working products without spinning wheels and waiting for months. Agile and adopted SAFe® allow us to start delivering working software in a matter of weeks.

  • Having code quality that meets your organizational standards.

  • Complete integration of your systems and tools. We work as an extension to your team towards one goal.

  • Flawless communication on all levels, so we can get to the problem statement fast and deliver solutions without wasting time.

  • Shorter feedback loops and continuous improvements through all processes.

How do you want to control the development process?

The best way to guarantee code quality is to make transparency a part of the culture (to go beyond what is perceived to be the default).

Agile and DevOps practices will allow you to control the quality of the code we are working on and more!

We use a set of tools that enables all counterparties – including your DevOps, Project Managers, and C-Suite to control the outcomes on every level.

How does it work in the real world?

Your management will see what actions of your software development team lead towards your company goals. And will be able to make changes before it’s too late to achieve specific outcomes – based on the data that we translate from the trenches of DevOps teams.

Your Project and Product Managers will have full traceability over the project and the possibility to track changes and errors back to their source over the product’s lifetime. And to interfere with DevOps processes if business goals change.

“We are removing silos between management and developers to enable everyone to mind their mission and the results they want to achieve without wasting time and resources.”

Karlis Broders, CTO

DevOps, Product, and Business Interfaces are interconnected to provide the necessary means to control the outcomes.
It works both vertically over the entire organization and horizontally on every business level.

Ultimate transparency means that we let go of any blind spots in the Software Development process as we allow our clients to see exactly what our team is doing – Live. We hold weekly status meetings and share burndown charts to make sure we are pulling off the impossible. We keep the track of all metrics that matter to manage the Development Value Stream.

Would you like to track and measure the impact we drive to your bottom line?

(All the Value for the business against the cost and quality?)

Over the years, we’ve mastered CI/CD pipelines in order to build, test, and deploy software fast.

We provide a 100% traceability of every line of the code we work on – so all reliable parties can track features and errors back to their source.

Can you deliver on time?

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A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.

George S. Patton


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